Sunday Changes Thoughts Whatevs

“A Wonderful Change….has come ….Oooover me”


God is yet working on me, showing me his many miracles great and small, but the first one is always me being in the land of the living…because some did not get that miracle on today.

Today I am working on changes needed to be done to my books coming out soon, making changes on my websites, writing down things I need to work on, finding ways to not only improve my health and life but to also offer those things to you all…my family, cooking must be done…cleaning…working out…but before all this begins …I pray!

I pray to God not only for me because honestly that’s a small portion of my prayer but for all that is needed for our world and the people in it…including you all of course. My showering, teeth brushing, stretching, drinking my healing concoction, drinking down my first 24oz of water and taking my meds with coffee follows.

Kids and everything else mixes all in and look….that fast Sunday is gone and it just started lolololol….

I say all of this to say…that right now in the middle of the night…I am taking a moment not to do anything but talk to you all, which makes me happy and it gives my mind rest enough to gather peace while everyone is sleep, clean, fed, happy and waiting for me.

Take times in your life to appreciate life, its not about things, vacations, false senses of security or bullshit…yes I said bullshit and we all know what those things are in our lives. But it is about having the greatest gifts…the free ones…the freedom and peace and love and rest needed to appreciate all the things that revolve around God, as you revolve around him and the many other things revolve around others and you!

wandasncredible appreciates you!


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