It’s Finally Here…….


I am so excited to announce that my new series “She.Rape.Me.” has arrived. I first was going to make this into a novel series and then after I thought upon it a bit, I decided to keep it in my own short story style that delved head on into the characters and gave clear, gripping details that would have you coming back for more. There will be many different features added to this story including backstories on characters, a link to a special app, photographs, an audible version and already available merchandise in my wandasncredible store.

This Kindle Edition is not only available but at a low price. See what’s so intriguing about Rona and why this series will have you hooked from the very first lines of its beginning!



P.S.There will also be a paperback edition and hardcover made which will have exclusive tidbits that you will enjoy as well.

Preorder Part 2 so that you can first in line to receive your continuation in the series.

wandasncredible appreciates you!


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