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As a promoter, I often do interviews/promotions, not only for myself, but for others new or fresh to the small business scene. It is important that we all pay homage to one another for our accomplishments and give back, not for personal gain but because we have been promoted or given a nod ourselves, to get into business.

Upon seeing a recent Facebook post on my news feed, I decided to get in touch with this particular new small business, not only to congratulate them on their recent opening but to find out more about the company itself.

Eddie Bouknight & Albert Guzman, are the grassroots Partners & Founders of RockHill Bullyz-Specializing in AKC/ABKC show quality American, French and English Bulls and Exotic Bulls. I was able to get in touch with Eddie, who answered these questions for me about the company below:

What is Rockhill Bullyz all about?

Eddie: “RockHill Bullyz is all about structure and producing the best show quality and family dogs that we possibly can.”

Why did you start the Kennel?

Eddie: “My partner Albert Guzman and I basically started the kennel because of our love and passion for the breed.”

What is the care that you provide the dogs?

Eddie: “Here at RockHill Bullyz we make sure our dogs have the best lives possible. Our dogs get normal vet check ups as needed and we also provide a healthy and clean environment for our pups. Also, when pups are purchased from us we provide a 1 year health guarantee.”

Do you have merchandise for the kennel as well?

Eddie: “Merchandise coming soon!”


I was very impressed with his candor and respect for dogs ( pictures of some of them are above). So, additionally, I decided to do this feature and to put a link at the top of my website, for their company, so that you can secure their services. Let’s support those who do good for animals and those in our ever growing small business world. In my line of work, I’ve learned, it always pays to do business with small businesses and to spread the word about their quality.



Contact Information is listed as follows:

EDDIE BOUKNIGHT (Facebook name also)


Phone: 843-251-9066

ALBERT GUZMAN (Facebook name also)

Phone: 803-579-2825


RockHill Bullyz (kennel name)

Location: Myrtle Beach S.C 29588

Kennel details: Specializing in AKC/ABKC show quality American, French and English Bulls and Exotic Bulls.

Website: Coming Soon

wandasncredible appreciates you!


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