Let’s become Twitter Friends!


Your already family so let’s be Twitter friends! On twitter, I am @15630w @15630w1 and @wandasncredible Here are my tweets for today!:


My daughter just said one of the festivities at the egg hunt is who could build the best&biggest wall out of legos bc thats what 45 will use!

#NationalHaikuPoetryDay #LiveLove
Monday is sunny
I love the flowers and trees
The Birds chirping sing

Not every person that commits heinous crimes R “mentally ill”, I’m bipolar, maniacdepressive&agoraphobic, I don’t kill, some are just evil !

Wasn’t that the rabbit from my favorite show “Supernatural”???


What the heck is going on?Where are the kids?Him and Melania are not even out with the folks who did show up?#Shame#Embarrassing

Let us praise the Lord, not evil by sharing that awful video. I personally wish I had NEVER seen it. I was shaken & prayed after doing so!

Maybe 45’s Tax returns are in one of the hidden eggs on the White house lawn! Go kids Go!

…meanwhile “Spicey” is on the white house lawn reading books to children#MondayMadness


wandasncredible appreciates you!

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