Peace & Blessings Everyone!!!


I wish you all a safe and blessed Good Friday….Easter weekend and Easter!

I want to mention a few things to ya:

I will be updating the pages  on here and my other outlets soon and working on my YouTube channel fine tuning as well.

The book “My Bible” is releasing on April 17th in its Kindle Edition format and its off for review for the Paperback Edition! If you want the Kindle Edition PLEASE PRE-ORDER TODAY!!!! ITS 99 CENTS FOR NOW BUT NOT FOR LONG! AND MANY OTHERS ARE ON SALE FROM THE PROMO 4/10 TO 4/16!

I also just got back the paperback of “The Blue Book” for myself and its absolutely beautiful…The quality is spectacular and everything is, as I wanted it to be! So if you want that one get yours today!

Here is the Facebook and Twitter header(s) I came up with for the Kindle Edition! and My photo for my face in honor of Jesus on FB and Twitter too.

And please everyone, lets all remember the real reason for the season! Thank you Lord for your sacrifice and for rising…if just for me!

MyBibleFBCoverMY BIBLE (2)My Bible Twitter Header (2)prayinghands

wandasncredible appreciates you!


P.S. I am working hard family, because as you know the whole book process gets written edited, promoted and covers created by me, in Kindle and Paperback….  so know you are valued and you are loved…If no one else says it to you today…I did! Thank you tremendously for all your love, support and for being active readers. Not a cent of your hard earned money is wasted with me, but is a valued investment in my dream, my life and in the lives of my 4 children, and for that I am humbled.