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Those who have pre-ordered “The Blue Book” will get it a day early on 4/12!!!!! If you can get your order in today, you may still be able take advantage of the low price and the early distribution as well, otherwise the debut is 4/13 and the price will be changing before it even premieres! Yikes!!!! GET YOUR ORDER IN TODAY!

Also another surprise, the Paperback Edition is almost done as well! The cover is already up on amazon, and you will love your surprise interior and exterior too!

Last surprise!!!!! All other books will be going on sale starting 4/10 through 4/16…Paperback, Kindle Editions and Pre-orders! So get your orders in ( all novels will be a minimum of 200 pages and a maximum will be 500 and will be available in Kindle and Paperback Editions)

wandasncredible appreciates you!

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