Sleep Stops Until May!!!!!


I am working on my own projects and two outside projects while creating a 3rd project……Ha! Its serious go time!

It’s the end of marking period 3…..I am dealing with myself…my bipolar…praying to my Lord…still drinking smoothies ….reading…not complaining and I am grateful for my life….just know that I have a lot going on and on top of it all, I have 4 people from 21 to 6  finding ways to yell, text and call mom! I am so busy until I tried to cry but my eyes are so tired and wired off of coffee until nothing came out lolol….I guess I have created even a 4th project accidentally and succeeded…Now you know how to clog your tear ducts! lol

Okay, so tomorrow I am going to …..Well  excuse me its now TODAY…soooooo TODAY…I am going to exercise, cook, clean, work, take a nice hot bath do some manicure, pedicure facial time with my girls…..give my son a bath and dress him in his new PJ masks pajamas and read him his brand new PJ masks book, that he will eventually read on his playlist on the wandasncredible channel and overdose on coffee while my home is quiet and clean and I work some more.

Coming soon is the blue book release on 4/13…..YouTube videos from me and my son…..and more merchandising! Pray for me! I have a lot going on inside too…a lot of hurt & heartbreak…so much that my mind staying weary seems the only way to fight it but on the other hand…God is giving me the best ideas of my life.


a custom made wandasncredible cup with a mug cake packet inside.

Want to make your own merchandise for your company or even yourself email me at

wandasncredible appreciates you!



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