How often do you read to your kids?

I love this topic and the question…reading is essential to a child’s growth! Moms don’t beat yourself up…If you lack time buy the book and watch the youtube with them too…then the can watch it on their own and have double reading action going on! Hope that makes sense lol Blessings!

Didi Oviatt

I think I’ve been lacking lately.  I’ve been so wrapped up in writing and in reading my own books that are more often than not completely inappropriate for my kids, that I haven’t taken the time to sit down and read to them near as much as I should!  I may be wallowing in my guilt as I drink my coffee this morning.

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So today I’m giving myself a challenge to make up for my crapiness in parenting. Because honestly what kind of mother can call herself a writer and a lover of books when she hasn’t read to her kids in like two weeks!!  I feel awful!

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Feel free to join in my challenge, in fact I encourage it!!  If you have a kid of your own, or two or five or whatever, then by all means jump on this reading adventure with me!!  Share your thoughts as well…

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True Love Never Dies

Miss Cassiopeia


I met Michael during my nursing shifts as a student last week of October 2007. In fact, it was one of my best experiences because I studied and prepared well for that one-week hospital exposure. I badly wanted to become a cardiologist or a cardiothoracic surgeon. Aside from that, I also wanted to become a Gynecologist, Psychologist, Psychiatrist, or a Forensic Psychiatrist. I was happy then because I performed well and had answered right all the questions that were given to me.

During that experience, I met him. He wasn’t the handsomest person in my eyes, we only had something in common, which is to become a doctor (we bonded so much over that) and he’s the one who approached and made friends with me. I’m not the kind of person who falls for a guy because they’re good looking.  There should be more.

It felt so good to meet…

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30 Writing Challenge { Day 4}

Single Mom Talk

Here we are for Day 4 of our 30DWC. Well, lets get to it!

Day 4 | Write about someone who inspires you.

I could say a couple different people honestly, but I’ll keep this post simple. For me someone inspiring isn’t about how much you do or how big of a success you are. It is also about WHO they are and how beautiful of a person you are as well. I have that come to mind and I want to talk about them.

First is my mother. She has endured much in her life. From two parents that didn’t really know how to be or even want to be parents to almost being killed. Struggling as a single mom, giving a child up for adoption because it was best for him, drug abuse, & a marriage that took the life out of her. She has taught me though…

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Zelda and F. Scott; Love Story or Tragedy

What a post! Now I cannot wait to see this series and to get a copy of the book!



After watching the Amazon series, “Z: The Beginning of Everything,” I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the book. The two-day wait for my paperback copy of Terese Fowler’s novel, Z: The Beginning of Everything, nearly drove me crazy. Having binge watched the entire season of the Amazon series in two days, I couldn’t wait to find out how the magical love story of Zelda and F. Scott Fitzgerald would play out.

Once my paperback edition of the novel arrived I dove right in. I was familiar with the first few chapters as the series had covered that material. As I read further though, the storyline and plot began to take on a different tone. No longer was Zelda narrating about fabulous New York City parties or lavish shopping trips where she was showered with attention and material goods. Instead, Zelda was now telling a…

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