The Times They Are A Changin’


We must pray for one another as this healthcare debacle unfolds. We must pray for those with preexisting conditions who would literally die without their medication. We must pray for those who cannot afford healthcare…who without certain treatments or coverage afforded to them….would literally decline and perish.

We must do better for ourselves…those of us who can help it…and seek a healthier more fit lifestyle by all means necessary. I don’t like the things that I am feeling towards all of these changes going on in our country so I implore all to heed the call of health.

God is above the devil in relevance to all things, however we must watch as well as pray. Do your best now to take advantage of every health related service you can afford. Do not wait or depend on things to get better for coverage, but do your best to make your body as sufficient as possible on natural treatments and healthier, affordable alternatives.

None of this is easy…but I know God will make a way for us all…most importantly during all of the madness, he is erasing party lines, social and economic divides are dissipating and he is drawing us nearer to him, his miracles, his blessings…as we are praying and leaning on one another…as we should…with love.

wandasncredible appreciates you!


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