I want to list a couple of things so its a mix of whats going on tonight and/or whats posted.

Check out the blogtalkradio link below with Shakeena Whitmore:

Starting NOW….Enjoy Ladies and Gents!

Also check out my mom bloggers club link below, there is some great content posted daily by me and others:

I have updated “The Great Bloggers List” here on so check that out (you may be on it) and feel free to check here daily for updates, explore all the links and like and subscribe where needed,so you can know when new projects have been completed and are available.

Lets also be friends on all of our outlets….networking is essential for us all to learn, grow and build incredible, healthy, positively, charged relationships….So many people are coming through here on a daily basis and you may need them and they may need you so stay watchful…your next blessing may be in a post, page, link or update!

Its National Womens History Month! We have all come from women and may also be women so in some way the history is either absent or present in your life…Stay tuned to this page because I will have a lot of women empowerment posts going on this month. Here is the link to Friday Quotes by me:

Also note it is National Nutrition Month as well so get your health checked today! Here is a interesting picture about fasting:






3/2 is the date but in Cyber school it was observed all week in the theme.

I am so thankful and grateful to know you all…God bless you …Enjoy your evening and Weekend!


wandasncredible appreciates you!


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