Ronald the Poet



Is there nothing this little boy cannot do?????

He was tasked to write an acrostic poem today about *March, and after completing the challenge, his teacher announced the poems the kids in his class created (including him of course) would be made into a book  (for the class of course but I can mention it can be published-I am all for progress-smile)….ANYWAY……How dare he steal my shine! A great poem and a book…the little stinker!Ha!

Additionally, the poems comedy is partially and particularly at my expense….How dare he have my wicked sense of humor and use it against me! smh……………

March by Ronald Seegers

Mom is yellow

All is green

Red apple

Cat eat the mouse

Happy day


….and all of this time I was convinced I was Black lol!

wandasncredible appreciates you!

(*instead of printing the page itself I made the MARCH and he wrote his own words)


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