The Sound of Stigma (Daily Word Prompt is Sound)

My Loud Whispers of Hope

The sound of stigma

shouts at me,

piercing and wounding my heart,

leaving a lasting and permanent scar

as a reminder of the words and signs

of discrimination and prejudice,

still affecting me negatively

and loudly

in my bipolar journey

of recovery

and life.

The sound of stigma is heard in words, whispers, and jokes.

Seen and felt in looks, glances, and negative reactions.

Loudly heard when I did not get a job, lost a job, and lost friends.

The sound of stigma is seen and heard on television shows, movies, news programs,

at church, hospitals, stores, schools, college and many more places…

I have heard and experienced the sound of stigma everywhere.

The sound of stigma needs to stop and be quiet now.

Shhhhh…   no more sounds of stigma.

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The Word Is Alive

Principle Michelle

Good morning, friends! Today is a good day to say a prayer for your family and friends. I also like to pray for the friends I haven’t yet met. There’s power in your petitions to God and an assurance that he hears them all. The prayers of the faithful availeth much.

Father God, thank you for this day and for your Word that sustains us in body and spirit. May it nourish us and multiply so that we may feed our children and their children. Your word is powerful, and your promises are true. Allow your Word to seep down into our hearts — filling it with hope and joy — replacing those things that are not like you. Reveal our innermost thoughts and base desires, and pluck out anything that keeps us from you. We love you, Lord, and we need you. We thank you for your daily bread…

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5 Things Blogging has taught me so far….

Kitcats Designs

stocksnap_fhted9eq3bI have not been doing this blogging thing very long and WOW it’s really been like studying a whole new career. I have spent these past 5 mo studying a few hours nightly from the experts out there. What I have learned so far is;

1. I am not technical, BUT I can be taught. I laugh at this statement now because this was huge fear of mind that actually held me back from pursuing this sooner. I may be slower than some, take more notes, ask more questions… but I’m HERE... I’m doing it!!!

2. Accountability to myself-What I mean by this is,  I have finally reached that threshold where I’m writing for myself. We all have accountability to our family, loved ones, jobs, children and such. This is a deeper sense of being accountable to our creative selves  and how we put out in there in the world..

3.  …

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Blog Networking: 2/15/17

Dream Big, Dream Often


Here’s how to network your blog. The work is done for you, all you have to do is LIKE, COMMENT and FOLLOW others.  The more you network with other blogs, the more other blogs will network with you!

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