The Norah Jones playlist


I created a special Norah Jones playlist on my youtube channel “The wandasncredible Channel”

Here is one of the songs:

Get a pen and paper, write, listen, take a nice hot bath, listen, drink a glass of red wine with a nip of Hennessy, and smoke a great cigar in your bathrobe,listen,nude, fall asleep, eyes welled up with tears, heart broken,in a dark room, mind drifting away into dreamland, wake up anew!

wandasncredible appreciates you!

Too cold to sketch

Shari Blaukopf's Sketchbook

It was probably a little too chilly for sketching from the car studio today: -10°C with an even colder wind chill meant that I had to turn on the car heater quite often to warm myself up and dry the washes on my paper. But… the light was wonderful on Lakeshore Road and since we haven’t had that many sunny days of late, I sketched away, even if it meant having frozen feet. The yellow wall on the side of the Canadiana-style building had a wonderful shadow on it and that made me forget the discomfort for a bit.


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