Review: Civil War II: The Oath #1

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civil-war-ii-the-oathThe epilogue to Civil War II! In the aftermath of war Captain America, Steve Rogers, confesses to the comatose Tony Stark as well as Carol Danvers.

While the title of this comic is Civil War II: The Oath, it might as well be called “Secret Empire: The Prologue” as the comic sets up the next big Marvel event that I’m sure will be billed as “changing everything.”

Written by Nick Spencer, your enjoyment of the comic will be solely based on your opinion of the controversial move by Marvel to make Steve Rogers an agent of Hydra as well as where you are with today’s current political and socio climate.

The issue finds Rogers visiting the now comatose Tony Stark and to give a soliloquy about his new views and his plans to remake the country and world. The speech reads like an Alt-Right manifesto written by…

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