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Why do people pretend that religion isn’t responsible for creationism?

Why Evolution Is True

If there’s one characteristic of faitheists and accommodationists when facing the issue of American creationism, it’s their refusal to see the palpable fact that religion is the source of that creationism. While this seems trivially obvious to those who have followed the creation/evolution controversy, people like Chris Mooney, Karl Giberson, Kenneth Miller and the like will blame almost everything but religion for the hold of creationism on American minds.  Yes, they will indict those nasty Biblical fundamentalists, but the 46% of Americans who are young-earth creationists aren’t all fundamentalist Christians! Indeed, although the Catholic Church officially accepts evolution, fully 27% of American Catholics think that modern species were created instantaneously by God and have remained unchanged ever since, while 8% do not know or refuse to answer. Those Catholics certainly aren’t seen as “fundamentalist Christians.”

No, the problem is obviously far more than just a few pesky snake-handlers and Bible-thumpers…

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South Dakota Senate approves anti-evolution bill

Why Evolution Is True

Fighting creationism is a never-ending battle in the U.S., and it won’t be over until religion’s gone. Not that all believers reject evolution, of course, but I know of only one creationist (or IDer) who isn’t clearly motivated by religion: David Berlinski (and I have my doubts about him). Every attempt to have creationism legally taught in public schools has failed, and so now, as is happening in South Dakota, they are trying to pass “teach the controversy” bills that don’t even mention evolution.

According to the National Center for Science Education (NCSE) and the Sioux Falls Argus Leader, the state senate just passed, by a substantial majority, Senate Bill 55, which succinctly reads as follows (my emphasis):

FOR AN ACT ENTITLED, An Act to protect the teaching of certain scientific information.
Section 1. That chapter 13-1 be amended by…

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