Tuesday: Hili dialogue

Why Evolution Is True

Note by JAC:  As I wasn’t 100%, Grania (peace be upon her) once again offered to put up the early-morning Hili dialogues. Sadly, Malgorzata and Andrzej are both still quite ill, and I’m told Andrzej had to crawl to his computer to put up not only Hili, but the regular articles for Listy. I wish them a speedy recovery (it’s a virus, I understand); we may have a hiatus in the words of the Princess until they recover.

by Grania

Good morning! Jerry is better-ish, but I am still on Dialogue Duty today, although PCC(E) will join us anon.

Today has been a somewhat ominous and auspicious day in history, being the day of Roman Empire despot Caligula‘s assassination (41AD) – surely a blessed relief to all those who had encountered him; and the day the Macintosh was released to the world in 1984 (ha!) by one Steve Jobs…

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