Le Boulangerie (4) Pizza

Meg Sorick, Writer

To accompany my novel in progress: Breaking Bread, welcome to Le Boulangerie.

I should really title this Pizza, Calzone and Stromboli. The dough is pretty much universal for the three. When you live in a part of the country where good pizza is easy to come by, you will never know the disaster that it can be when you leave and sample it elsewhere. I was fortunate to grow up in good pizza country. I have lived in places where the best alternative is Domino’s (no offense Domino’s people) and as a result, figured out how to make it at home.

The key ingredients for a successful pizza are the crust, the sauce and the cheese. Everything else you add to the pie is bonus. I can’t claim any Italian heritage (as far as I know) andmy recipe was thus not passed through family. Nevertheless, my “Aunt Rosie” — beloved…

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