Bipolar Disorder & Depression



The difference between Bipolar Disorder & Depression

Bipolar disorder and depression are mental health conditions that share similar features but are separate medical conditions.

Diagnosis for either bipolar disorder or severe depression is difficult and may take some time. However, effective management of both conditions is possible.

Bipolar disorder or depression? Diagnosis
Doctors classify two forms of bipolar disorder:

Bipolar I disorder: The person has had at least one majorly disruptive manic episode, lasting at least 7 days, or less if it is so severe that the person needs to go to the hospital.
Bipolar II disorder: The person experiences major depressive episodes, with the mania being less disruptive. The person has at least one episode of hypomania, but not the full mania of bipolar I.
Other forms include “unspecified” disorder, when the features are not clearly either bipolar I or II.

Cyclothymic disorder shows hypomania and depression that are…

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