Regarding A Writerly Contradiction Of Which I’ve Become Aware

Within the last few days it’s occurred to me that much of my written work involves a possible philosophical contradiction. Both my advice and banter on this blog and my as-yet veiled literary projects put heavy emphasis on the idea that a main character shouldn’t get by on just being the right person. They should put in the hours and seek help from professionals. Probably “professional help” as in psychatric intervention, but then, these are characters I wrote. Anyway, I feel that incompetent or talented but under-trained protagonists have been done to death so my protagonists have always had solid instruction.

The irony, of course, being that in one of the activities most central to my life, I’m a complete amateur. Naturally, that’d be swordfighting, but in fact the only art I’ve had genuine professional training in is writing. Insofar as I can sketch or do CG modeling, I’m self-taught. I can’t really cook…

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