It’s Not Just Muscles I’m Growing, Here

Squat Rack Shenanigans

I had a mini-epiphany the other morning while I was driving to school.

You see, winter ended last week, meaning that this week it’s summer, so I was able to take my sleeveless dresses out of the closet and pack away my sweaters and pants. SoCal doesn’t know how to properly season.

But it’s the dress I was wearing the spurred the insightful moment. For the first time in months, I felt free, and confident. The scale that morning had read a full ten pounds heavier than my “preferred” weight as of not long ago, and yet I was happy. I was so, so happy. My body felt strong, I had my arms out and I just knew my students would remark on it, “Miss P, stop flexing, it’s distracting,” and we would laugh. I had spent the previous 8 weeks or so covered up in sweaters and pants, each day dreading getting dressed…

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