I must say this

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My heartfelt condolences to all who have lost loved ones to violence and to all affected by the recent events/tragedies…From my family to yours…our thoughts and prayers are with you…….

With that being said I must say this:

We go to zoos to see animals …the animals do not come to see us…they live either in the wild or in a zoo….It is our responsibility to watch our children when again i stress “we are going to see them”…If you do not like that…keep your child at home…when we are at home with our children we must watch them…if they get burned on the stove we do not shoot our oven….

Sharks don’t infest waters that is where they live….alligators do not infest waters…that is their home…unless they are walking up to your front door they are where they belong…My house is not infested with humans…We live here!

Shooting any…

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If I could tell my younger self this…..It would change everything!!!!!

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Wanda….sometimes people are mean to you because you are mean to them….sometimes people are nice to you because you are nice to them…and sometimes….people are just evil, deceitful, backstabbing,perpetrating a fraud, liars and you did NOTHING TO THEM!!!!


Happy Thursday Everyone!

P.S. Keep me in prayer …..as I will keep you all in prayer also!


“Pray! Forgive! Forget! Keep moving forward!!!!”-W.D.Jefferson

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