‘Little’ Boots Haul..

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Not that I ever need an excuse to nip into Boots, but at least I had a valid one this time. I had a voucher to use, and my goodness, I was fast to use it. I went in knowing 2 things I wished to get, the rest, well the rest just kinda happened.. ooops.

Eyelure Brow Shapers (£2.69, Boots)
This is one of the items I did actually go in for, I’ve had them before in the past and decided this year I really need to start looking after my brows properly again. I can get so lazy with them, as I’m sure many of us do. Thankfully though messy brows are in so at least nobody pays too much attention when we’re having those bushy brow days. The pack contains three sheets of pre-waxed strips, these are to be used to get rid of all those…

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