Every So Often

Have a glimpse into ohellino the poet


Every so often
My heart would soften
And I would learn to listen
But then my heart would harden
I’d say “I beg your pardon”
And the sweat on my head would glisten

Every so often
I envision a coffin
And myself with a rose inside
They tell me it’s sorted
So I shouldn’t be so morbid
And it shouldn’t be me who has died

Every so often
I begin coughin’
And wish I never smoked in my life
I applaud the new me
And spit out loogie
Scrape it off the couch with a knife

Every so often
I go shopping
And pick up things to eat that are nutritious
I pull it all out
And shove it all in my mouth
And say out loud to no one “that was delicious”

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