A Book For Mental Health Awareness Week!

A great review…from a great blogger….Chloe Lauren

Diary Of A Lonely Girl

19360268Title: Banish Your Self Esteem Thief

Author: Kate Collins-Donnelly

Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers

‘Packed with activities and real-life stories, this imaginative workbook will show you what self-esteem is, how it develops, the impact it can have and how all this applies to your own self-esteem. Using cognitive behavioural and mindfulness principles and techniques, this workbook will help you change how you think and act in order to build positive self-esteem, protect your Self-Esteem Vault and banish your Self-Esteem Thief for good!’


As part of the libraries ‘Reading Well’ scheme, I picked up this book to see if it would help me at all with my self esteem issues, because for a long time I would, and still do, look at myself and see nothing but ugly and someone who is worthless. After reading this though, I think there has been a noticeable improvement! I am not fully there, but…

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