Picture Books, Humor & Vocabulary

A Teachers Reflections is amazing!

A Teacher's Reflections


Author Ryan T. Higgins is hysterical. I mean unexpected, fall-down-laughing hysterical. His two children’s books are favorites in my classroom.  The storyline is a grumpy old bear who likes eggs, and what happens is imaginative and funny.  I read Mother Bruce to all my fellow staff at school and they laughed, out-of-control laughing.  It was hard to rein them in.

Here’s the twist; Mother Bruce and Hotel Bruce appeal to both children and adults. That makes it a delightful read for parents and their children.  I remember watching The Muppets on TV with our kids.  This show appealed to both children and adults (the two old men in the balcony is a case in point).  Therefore, families watched it together.  If a book is good enough to appeal to both, that’s a brass ring.  Parents will want to read the book aloud, and children will benefit from far more than…

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