Exciting 2017 Releases!

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There are some AMAZING releases coming out this year so I thought it would be fun to post some of the releases I’m most looking forward to! Thanks to Netgalley I actually have quite a few of these as ARCs, the only problem is I still haven’t gotten around to reading them!!!

One of the top releases I can’t wait to get my hands on definitely has to beee……

  • Wayfarer by Alexandra Bracken


Although I thought Passenger was a little overhyped I really enjoyed reading it and the ending of Passenger and me itching to get my hands on Wayfarer! Also the covers for this series are sooo pretty!

  • Lord of Shadows by Cassandra Clare


Okay so I know I haven’t even read the first book in this series even though I purchased it the same week of its release, but I’m still pretty psyched for this release! who knows…

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The Power of Introverts

The Light Breaks Through….great blogging!

Becoming Bridge Builders

Most people do not believe them when I tell them I am an introvert.  I get this response you can’t be you seem so normal.  You should know that according to a study that asked the question, “How many people in the World are introverts? Came back with these stunning numbers:

In the 1998 MBTI Manual that came out with Form M. A
National Representative Sample was done in conjunction with the development of Form M, and it is the standard that we go by now. It was the first (and only so
far) stratified random sample done. Here are the EI breakdowns:

E 49.3%, I 50.7%

E 45.9%, I 54.1%

E 52.5%, I 47.5%

Laney and Wagele used earlier “estimates”of 25% I/75% E (probably from the 1985 MBTI Manual). The 1998 National Representative Sample (Total = 3,009, Males = 1,478, Females = 1,531).

This information is…

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Picture Books, Humor & Vocabulary

A Teachers Reflections is amazing!

A Teacher's Reflections


Author Ryan T. Higgins is hysterical. I mean unexpected, fall-down-laughing hysterical. His two children’s books are favorites in my classroom.  The storyline is a grumpy old bear who likes eggs, and what happens is imaginative and funny.  I read Mother Bruce to all my fellow staff at school and they laughed, out-of-control laughing.  It was hard to rein them in.

Here’s the twist; Mother Bruce and Hotel Bruce appeal to both children and adults. That makes it a delightful read for parents and their children.  I remember watching The Muppets on TV with our kids.  This show appealed to both children and adults (the two old men in the balcony is a case in point).  Therefore, families watched it together.  If a book is good enough to appeal to both, that’s a brass ring.  Parents will want to read the book aloud, and children will benefit from far more than…

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Tree over the mountain

Great artistry from …Art at the Push of a Button

Art at the push of a button

B&W, Eng Alm, Karwendel, Notis Stamos This is now the wallpaper on my mobile.

Happy new year! My first post for 2017 is another favorite from last year. This became a favorite during post processing though, when I had the idea to make the tree leaves light against a dark sky, instead of the opposite, which was my original idea when taking the shot.

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