Many times in my life… I sit.. Alone sipping my coffee, eating a oatmeal cookie and watching the morning news..

After I have prayed, and the house is empty… I reflect and think…

I over analyze and multitask pulling together my self and life before my own departure…

But in those few lonely moments I wonder What If? I regret? I just don’t want to….Fail.

I think on the closed doors, the money spent, the if I had only just….

And it’s haunting….

Haunting like it waits for me to have just a few idol moments to hear it’s cruel hideous voice and blown up visions.

But I beseech you family… Do not listen! Do not see! Do not wonder!

You are here… Right now… Alive regardless… And your failures and conquests were all to make you the very being you are today…

All that you want…. Go for…

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