Remembering 12/14/15



😱😢🙃😳😃😴I asked God years ago ..Lord I want to publish my books…create an online store …get my masters degree…plus have a big family…and it seemed like it took forever and now it’s like…”Lord I’m not reaaaaaadddddy”😂lololol …just kidding…I’m so ocd about my books and making things perfect in the store until it’s not funny but I learned along time ago …quality is over quantity…so just know the store will be reopening before Christmas…”Now” is available in Ebook and Paperback form on Amazon…my fall semester is over tomorrow…the Ebook shorts will be available on 12/20….and they will be in paperback after Christmas….God rains the talent down if you ask for it…
Your support for me will give me not only money but opportunity to create more…I want to do a Lung Cancer fund in memory of my mom and dad, find positive ways to give back, do book signings,and finish…

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