Have you Ever

We have these moments in life of just being fed up from hurt…expressing it in my writing helps me cope…sometimes you are disappointed by everyone including God but he didn’t abandon you…he just gives you it time to realize he never left!


Have you ever given up???

I mean truly given up? Not on a project or a job….not on God or your children…but on you? On life? On hope?

This poem is about just that….as I go on hiatus think of what you say and what you do to others…some can take it…some can’t…know that what you can live through others have died from…I hope that makes you all just alittle bit more mindful…words can hurt or heal…and hurt is never ever ok


When you hurt someone

Great or small

Take it not for granted

That they might fall

Because of what you say

Or feel

Might be the last time

You keep it real

Many nights those hurt have cried

Taken their lives

As you survived

Survived to hurt another day

Someone else in the way

Of your words

Your actions

Your false care

Your fake like

And fraud…

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