I need to calm my brain, I have way more emotions than rationale, it’s the sick and tired of being sick and tired + life+ the strange+ family + work+book+store+???….so instead of becoming a sick hot mess better known as a Tasmanian devil….I’ll eat ice cream…sip tea….bundle under the covers…exhale and fake smile….to myself lol then I’ll show binge:

My fall binges:




Penny Dreadful

The Walking Dead

Adventure Time

Gum ball

Uncle Grandpa

Sam smith songs

Ed Sheeran songs

Al Green songs

The Whispers Songs

And Kevin Hart anything

When I get downtime, like this weekend …I’ll be chilling…and yelling at the screen while the family takes cover from me and my bipolar instability!

More calories! More working out! Yaay😃😒😀😁😃😡😚😭😂😶

Have a Great Weekend all!☕️


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