10 Publishing Trends for 2017

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Another year is upon us. We all have a new “to-do” list, a new set of goals, and new adventures awaiting our arrival. Thanks to our friends at Written Word Media, they are making this year a little bit easier on us already. They have compiled a Top 10 publishing trend list for 2017 and I have to say, they are spot on. Take a look at the list below for things you should be looking out for to make this year your most successful yet.


  1. Fiction sales are driven by e-books. The large majority of adult book sales are digital, especially for fiction. So, if that’s the genre you write in you will want to focus most of your marketing power there.
  2. Indie authors and small presses will keep growing. It’s no secret that the “Big 5″‘s market share continues to drop year after year. But, it’s encouraging…

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So many beautiful and serene pics…gaianaction blog is full of pure peace.


Zebbug is a village in an elevated area on the North coast of Gozo. It was a Wednesday morning when I visited, everything was quiet, I saw no one when I got off the bus and I was the only person riding on the bus too. So tranquil was this place, everything was shut, that is except the church for which I headed, crossing over a large empty square I reached the steps leading up to an impressive Baroque façade of the village church, I was on a mission, to go and see the beautiful interior which is made up mainly of locally quarried brown Onyx stone, and the book where I read about it did not let me down, I was very impressed and delighted to be able to see this, and to touch this semi-precious stone. I found myself looking at the altar, the confession chair, the pillars…

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Purpose by W.D.Jefferson

We are living in the last days… This is not a physical fight but a spiritual one… The purpose that God has in you is going full term… It will be fulfilled…You will give birth to the miracle of your life… Your destiny… Your purpose… But first you must recognize…that your pregnant.

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Have you Ever

We have these moments in life of just being fed up from hurt…expressing it in my writing helps me cope…sometimes you are disappointed by everyone including God but he didn’t abandon you…he just gives you it time to realize he never left!

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Have you ever given up???

I mean truly given up? Not on a project or a job….not on God or your children…but on you? On life? On hope?

This poem is about just that….as I go on hiatus think of what you say and what you do to others…some can take it…some can’t…know that what you can live through others have died from…I hope that makes you all just alittle bit more mindful…words can hurt or heal…and hurt is never ever ok


When you hurt someone

Great or small

Take it not for granted

That they might fall

Because of what you say

Or feel

Might be the last time

You keep it real

Many nights those hurt have cried

Taken their lives

As you survived

Survived to hurt another day

Someone else in the way

Of your words

Your actions

Your false care

Your fake like

And fraud…

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The End

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I see many misled by believing that what goes on in their lives is simply by miraculous accident, but I am here to tell you that it’s quite opposite.

From the rising of the sun to the setting of it, anything good that has happened in your life and in the lives of others, is without a doubt, single handedly from God.

It is by no other means that you wake up, that the sun shines, that you have all that you have had,do have or will have.

All the times you survived hell and high water, all the many times you’ve overcome disease, people, places and things that others have not or died from, the many times you thought you were at the end of your rope and didn’t see a way through….God is and always will be, the reason your still standing.

He is your Father, Mother,Lawyer…

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