Random Various Topic Post-PLEASE READ



Hi!!!!!! I love re-posting, but I also love writing and saying that you all are loved, and just giving some input directly.

First, I am noticing a lot of great blog topics from my WordPress friends, so I will definitely be updating my “The Great bloggers list“.

Second, I am seriously seeking a Literary Agent,Editor, and Illustrator. So if you are that person, or know of anyone who is, please send them my way.

Third, I have updated a lot of stuff, on the pages listed on this website, so please check them out, and if you want to give feedback please do….I want to be the best I truly can be, and I don’t mind constructive criticism, in fact, I welcome it.

Also, I would like serious buyers of my books to please stand up! I want honest reviews and feedback, in fact I need…

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