How I Used a Mind-Mapping App to Understand One of my Darkest Fears

The Boundless Agenda

Last time I touched on this topic,all I knew was that I messed up. I tried to fly when there were still chains wound around my ankles. The truth is: I’m still afraid of love. In my mind, it only leads to pain, anguish, and stress. I know this because I literally mapped it out (as you can see in the featured image.)

A couple days ago, I was reading through Beauty Beyond Bones’ latest postand she said something that really stuck with me, “Do something different. Do what is difficult. Do something radical.” That really got me thinking that if I wanted radical results, I’d need to take radical actions. And I had just the idea.

Writing has always been my preferred outlet; it allows me to express myself in a way that nothing else can. I’m also an extremely visual person who thinks in…

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