The Birds of the Yucatan Wetlands – Celestún and Rio Lagartos

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Adventures in Wonderland


20 Dec 2016. We’ve just pulled away from shore and are heading under a low bridge when I see this young snowy egret hiding beneath it.


The boat captain slows down for me to photograph it, and then we are on our way speeding across the waters of the estuary. We are near the town of Celestún on the north-west coast of the Yucatan Peninsula facing the Gulf of Mexico and we’re going to see the flamingoes. Birds fly along side the boat, travelling at the same speed.


We see small groups of the distinctive pink and red flamingoes far off near the shore,


but we are headed for a larger group feeding in the shallows.


As you can see from Don’s video, there are hundreds of them, squawking like ducks, tangling with each other, dipping their heads over and over into the water to feed on the minute red…

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