Everyone stand back…Clear…Clear…TB draft never posted



There is a lot to say today so I thought I would get everyone s attention first before I disclose my thoughts.

I see everyone in an uproar over the transgender bathroom issue…tsk tsk and sigh….People you do know that all transgender people don’t go around saying they are transgender right? How do you think they have been going to the bathroom? At work? At a restaurant or out shopping?…seriously!!!!! Does everyone realize that child predators can just be regular ole men and women in the stall next to your child period? Safety is an issue the moment we walk out of our doors and sometimes your not even safe in your own home. Why does this situation seem so familiar to me???? Oh wait!!! Was this not the same fear that many had of Black folks sharing the same bathroom whites??????? Oh the plague….the pedophiles…the unclean…the animals…they are…

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