Broken Families Creating Broken Children.. Life is too short

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Life is too short.

Life is too short to hold on to grudges and past pains. Life is too short not to forgive and move on.

Sometimes we have to put things into perspective, a time must come when we realise that holding onto to such heavy baggage does us no good, all it does is weigh us down. Sometimes we hold on to these past events for so long that we feel like it’s too late to let them go, we feel like we must continue when in facts it’s never too late. We form our own explanations of events replaying them feeding into the negative energy associated with them.

Life is too short, tomorrow is not promised. It makes me sad to see family members not talking, new generations growing up with out knowing where they have come from. We can not keep repeating the mistakes of past…

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2 thoughts on “Broken Families Creating Broken Children.. Life is too short

  1. I can completely relate and strongly agree with this… coming from a broken family myself and unfortunately now being one of participants of a broken relationship with2 children, I have both sides of 1st hand experience!
    Bitterness is one of the most uncontrollable and overwhelming emotions I’ve ever experienced and to be honest it’s hard to see light at the end of the tunnel when in that frame of mind!
    However, there is always hope… and reminding myself of a little saying is all that really gets me through!:
    Being bitter is the equivalent of drinking poison and expecting someone else to drop down dead!

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