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Whenever you hear that word…”Happy”… it makes you think of Pharrell and that dreadful song doesn’t it? I know, I used to love that song to death, until people played it a million times…… and I immediately wasn’t happy anymore lol.(I still secretly love it and loathe it all at once hehehe)

But seriously as I finalize the last of my lose ends and with all the deaths occurring lately, I want to remind you all to be “Happy”

Don’t let your life pass you by …..in just work and responsibility. Sure we need stability…. but God wants us to enjoy our lives and live it!

Happy Monday and let the happiness overflow!

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Monday Social Media Love

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Happy Monday!!!

Spread the love….Not Hate!

Social media is a wonderful place to network, build friendships and relationships, find lost loved ones, and share wisdom and insight with one another!

If social media is causing you to lose a job or not get one…..If it’s causing you strife, drama, hate, pain, or breaking up relationships and/or friendships for you….Please reexamine the people you are connecting with….. because something is terribly wrong.


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Monday Men of Joy!!!

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What does the Dalai Lama, Desmond Tutu and Thomas Keating have in common? Joy,Peace,Love,Purpose,Humbleness and Honesty.

One of the things on my bucket list is to at least read one book from each of these men…God has truly touched them in a way that is completely what I truly desire in my life. I am grateful that I can see these qualities in my life itself but they have not gotten to the point that these great men have achieved. 

I believe that these men not only truly trust God….but he truly trusts them…enough to reside in their lives like a light…so bright that I can see it in there words…on their book covers and especially when they speak. They take no credit for this oneness but yet give over their will completely to the creator….and he blesses them beyond their hearts content.

We are…

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How do I get fast AdSense approval?

How do I get fast AdSense approval? by Sumit Pathak

Answer by Sumit Pathak:

Basic Requirement

Age Verification : Google Adsense Policy doesn’t allow under 18 user to participate in this program.

Domain Age : Your website must be at least 3 to 6 months old for Asian users but the even fresh website also works for European, USA and Canadian users.

In some locations, including China and India, we require publishers to have owned their sites for 6 months. We’ve taken this step to ensure the quality of our advertising network and protect the interests of our advertisers and existing publishers. – Google

For more detail, visit Easiest way to Approve Google AdSense

How do I get fast AdSense approval?

I have an AdSense approved account. Can anyone help me in understanding why I am unable to make money, despite of all the views?

I have an AdSense approved account. Can anyone help me in understanding why I am unable to make m… by Hicham Ouchane

Answer by Hicham Ouchane:

Let me tell you TRAFFIC is the blood who give your content a life. you cant make money if there is no traffic , visitors must come to ur content and react with it , depend on what niche you talking about .

First thing ; TRAFFIC

second thing ; CONTENT

I recommend you to buy traffic from social media like , Facebook , for me is the best choice ; Target audience and spesific traffic to ur content .

This is the first step , they come to ur blog read your content and react with ads , if they saw an interessting ads , they click on it to find more .

to get more click on google ads , dont forget you have to make a good choice of who you target whene you promoting ur content on facebook. if you target the wrong people on facebook , they will not be interessting to ur content even befors they click on it .

I have an AdSense approved account. Can anyone help me in understanding why I am unable to make money, despite of all the views?

Your Daily Dose of Business News – 09 Jan 2017

Business and Beyond


My chosen article to dish out for today’s Daily Dose of Business News is about Business Insider’s “McDonald’s killed one of it’s customers’ favorite things about eating there – and now Taco Bell is cashing in“.

In order to maintain a business, an owner should be innovative and this trait seems to avoid McDonald’s. Instead of innovating their menu to still offer $1 food to their customers, they solved their problem by bundling a few items that would put the prices beyond a dollar. This made budget conscious consumers to stay away or think twice in eating out with McDonald’s. Their favorite food would now cost them more than what it used to be and they don’t like it.

Taco Bell on the other hand thought of a way on how to still capitalize on those budget conscious consumers and they are winning. Aside from not changing their dollar…

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Pen & Paper


From the of author of a dozen thrillers and entrepreneur Mark Dawson suggests:

  1. have at least one free book on offer;
  2. build a loyal following via interaction;
  3. have a well thought out and researched marketing plan before you begin to spend your budget.

From the Founder of the Alliance of Independent Writers, Orna Roberts suggests:

  1. develop your own email distribution list as one of your key pillars in your marketing plan,
  2. speed up your operation by using a database manager like Mail chimp and
  3. don’t start spending money on advertising until you have at least three books out there.
  4. So far, there have been two other Amazon Academy events on this side of the pond: one previously in Dublin and this one in London. And there will be one more in Newcastle coming soon! After that, Amazon will review feedback to see if they will do it again and…

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Darling…Love Yourself 

The Anxiety Chronicles

Look at yourself and appreciate your beauty. Appreciate your strengths and perseverance. 

Look at yourself, not in the light of other people’s opinions and issues, but in the light of your acceptance and courage.

What people say about you or think about you is not your problem. It is there problem. Continue living your life in a way that pleases you and eventually you’ll realize that what people perceive of you no longer matters.

Look in the mirror and feel the warmth in your smile; get lost in the shine of your eyes…

Don’t worry that you look different; don’t worry if you’re over weight or under weight; don’t worry if you’re too emotional or too sensitive; don’t worry if you’re different…

Being different can be such a blessing. Learn to embrace it. Learn to embrace yourself. 

So please, today, tomorrow and the days that follow, find time to love…

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