So Bipolar

A reblog that hits close to home for me#IAMBIPOLAR#IAMNOTASHAMED

Beautifully Bipolar

Bipolar. It’s a word that is thrown around a lot. Some people use it in the correct way. Others, not so much.

I decided to do some research today. I looked up “bipolar” on Twitter. Let me say, I was extremely disappointed in the results. I’ll share a few examples, but won’t share the name.

“Allison and I got the weirdest most bipolar friendship”

“Such a bipolar dayyy”

“I’m so bipolar, one minute I’ll be like nah I don’t need no one and the next minute I’ll be like I miss him smh”

And these were all on February 19 of this year

Then I looked up bipolar crazy, and this popped up

“Utah weather is bipolar…Temps in the 60’s yesterday, crazy wind last night, now dumping snow #utahprobs” (because I am sure Utah is diagnosed with bipolar disorder)

Don’t get me wrong, there were plenty of positive and legit…

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