A meme says a thousand words

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When I saw this meme it brought tears to my eyes. This is all those of the mental illness community strives to explain daily.

I am bipolar and am not ashamed but often we are judged,ostracized,penalized and stigmatized by society because our illness is not physical.

Anyone with a disability great or small physical or mental goes through a daily struggle that most cannot even imagine.

For me everyday is a new day with endless possibilities good or bad but to God be the glory, I aim for the best.

Inclusion and understanding is all that is really asked for from family members,friends and our community,everything else is a fight that we aim to win!


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My Cat Ronnie…bleh bleh bleh

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….so my baby is a total reflection of his mommy…He is 5 just like his human brother lil cee whose name is really Ronald…so we have cat Ronnie and lil Ronnie….it’s complicated but anyway…..

Even though he is older in cat years I still treat him like a little furry baby and he’s like……

Ehhh…whatevs lol

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