The L words



Learning: It’s a daily process. I am striving to not only learn but to retain as much information as I possibly can from past mistakes…I’m sick of falling…my knees and hands are scraped,like in school when they put iodine that stung, but yet cleaned the wounds. I want to really learn…no more apologies, because I have no more reasons to fall…stumble maybe… But not fall.

Look: I am looking for greatness! I cannot accept just a mediocre life. There is more to this than me working,paying bills and scrambling for the best. I look for miracles…everyday…and I find them all the time.

Love: Letting love in and recognizing is goodness is so wonderful! I let love let me love ME! My God Loves me! My love loves me! My kids and family loves me…

I love. I love people. I love my God. I love my man and kids…

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