Successfully Sad



As I sit, binging on “Wallander” and working on my capital one business stuff,quick books,,pay pal,turbo tax,WordPress,create space,KDP,LinkedIn,Facebook, and Instagram…I can honestly say, I am successfully sad.

This is my birthday weekend…I have no time to celebrate because I’ve got way too much to do…the balance never fits…personally when i’m happy my finances are a mess….when my finances aren’t a mess my personal life is in shambles.

I feel like Superman….I feel like crying…I feel like my Father God…too much involvement may save lives but whose gonna save you?…when your hurt?…pushing?…loving?…being you? liked? loved?or hated anyway?…

Your expected to be good….great…above and beyond…but yet if its not tangible…then belief in you goes south…and if it is tangible, then its never enough!

I am happy to be alive and I will sleep when I die…but the closer I get to understanding life…the more I realize I don’t know shit!


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