Jo Ann Maxwell

I recently read the new Momentum Magazine, Winter 2016-17. I Especially enjoyed the article entitled the resiliency factor.

I was encouraged to see Dawnia mention that her faith is one of the key factors of her optimism. However the rest of the article listed other factors with no more mention of her faith. The article lists social support, mindfulness meditation, practicing gratitude, creating a mind shift, practicing optimism, having a purpose or meaning in life, practicing forgiveness and identifying and deploying signature strengths. All of those factors are why faith is so important, but having a strong faith was never mentioned in any of those categories.

I chuckled at Jaqub Gurule’s definition of MS as man stud. I tried to come up with an alternative since I can’t be a man stud, and I came up with More Strong. In my book, Fearless, I mentioned that my faith was…

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