Beauty and Travel Blogger Interview-Othela ❤


Hi ladies and gentleman,

Today post is an interview with a wonderful blogger who love to travel and interested on blogging beauty.

Join with me to get to know this wonderful blogger. ❤


NAME: Othela


FROM: Romania

She have a passion for travel and all about beauty related.She love spending time in nature,  enjoy a long walk in the park.

tumblr_l6eirlPVfe1qzx2p7o1_400 “I consider myself as an optimist person”


  • What made you decide to start blogging and why?

I like to write and I said to my self “hey, why can’t you start a blog and have your little corner, where you can be creative and write about thinks you enjoy”.

othelaSo, 2 months ago I start posting about travel and beauty. I am so excited that I made this step but I have so much to learn.

  • Who would you say is your number one…

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Jo Ann Maxwell

I recently read the new Momentum Magazine, Winter 2016-17. I Especially enjoyed the article entitled the resiliency factor.

I was encouraged to see Dawnia mention that her faith is one of the key factors of her optimism. However the rest of the article listed other factors with no more mention of her faith. The article lists social support, mindfulness meditation, practicing gratitude, creating a mind shift, practicing optimism, having a purpose or meaning in life, practicing forgiveness and identifying and deploying signature strengths. All of those factors are why faith is so important, but having a strong faith was never mentioned in any of those categories.

I chuckled at Jaqub Gurule’s definition of MS as man stud. I tried to come up with an alternative since I can’t be a man stud, and I came up with More Strong. In my book, Fearless, I mentioned that my faith was…

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The L words

wandasncredible the blog


Learning: It’s a daily process. I am striving to not only learn but to retain as much information as I possibly can from past mistakes…I’m sick of falling…my knees and hands are scraped,like in school when they put iodine that stung, but yet cleaned the wounds. I want to really learn…no more apologies, because I have no more reasons to fall…stumble maybe… But not fall.

Look: I am looking for greatness! I cannot accept just a mediocre life. There is more to this than me working,paying bills and scrambling for the best. I look for miracles…everyday…and I find them all the time.

Love: Letting love in and recognizing is goodness is so wonderful! I let love let me love ME! My God Loves me! My love loves me! My kids and family loves me…

I love. I love people. I love my God. I love my man and kids…

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wandasncredible the blog


As today marks Friday, From the onset until now, I have not been well. Battling allergies and stress is not a stranger to me.

I do not fight it, just with bodily remedies, but before all, the prayers of God.

However, whenever I am in such a shutdown of my day….God is working on something and allows the shutdown for a purpose.

It is not meant, for me to know that true purpose, but to continue in my faith and trust in him.

Even so, I created two pieces, I believe are his will, for all women.

They are dedicated to any and every woman who battled through her day, regardless of the situation and circumstance.

And to those who are Breast Cancer survivors, I know of many strong women who are, although I am not and I support their strength and cause.

With that being said….



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wandasncredible the blog


Although this is different from my other posts it is important to me.

Many are suffering from forms of lung issues including Cancer that derive from *cigarette smoking. *(or other nicotine habits)

My mother died at 68 from Lung Cancer because she smoked since she was 14. She quit at 66 in 3 months with Chantix.

Just think about this, had she quit even midway in her life, even after she had me at 40, she just might be here today.

I know this drug may not agree with everyone,so please check with your doctor, but in the end, I had to pull the plug on her; I watched her organs fail and her struggle to breath threw the airway of a straw….literally she had no other lung space left, but that size.

I thought of her today, as I am thinking of all of you, She would have…

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Dear Safely Kidnapped Escapee

wandasncredible the blog

Why do we take animals out of the wild…..cage them and then write headlines of their”escape”???..

Maybe it’s just me but if you ripped me from my home and confined me to a space …unless I were a prisoner receiving punishment ….I would try to”escape” too…and I’d be highly upset…angry…and enraged at the nerve of someone or something doing that to me for my own”safety.”

For humans it’s called “kidnapping” and if a person killed or even injured their kidnapper we would be delighted…..

…….Here’s a thought lets cage ourselves and let the animals roam free….Lets see what the word”escape” would mean then….

With that being said…..

Good Morning! & Have a great day!


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