A New Years Poem


Redemption by Wanda Jefferson

I want you to want me
As much as I want you
I want to be given great rewards
Because of what I went through

In our past ….I lost a lot of people
A lot of family
A lot of friends
And sanity….. to no end

I know all things are possible
And that you can be different
If you allow your ingenuity
to revive us again

With what I know now
I can do better
I can beat the weather
I can ride….. any storm

I will meet new people
Find lost family
New friends
And reform

I will gain wealth
Keep bad thoughts stealth
With a mix of wisdom & meds
To improve my mental health

For your only 17 once….2000
So listen clearly and hear the truth
Let this… your birthday be your redemption
And mine…..of course too.




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