Tuesday Women of Virtue


What does Mother Teresa and Maya Angelou have in common? Beauty, Strength, Humility, Eloquence, Love, Peace, Joy and VIRTUE!!!!


On my bucket list, I cannot say it is to read a book from each of these ladies, because I have already done that.However, it is my dear intention to manifest the qualities of these two virtuous women, before I depart this earth to be with the Lord. Although these women are no longer with us, the presence of the God in them will last forever. I am so thankful that I can see virtue in my life; I hope it blossoms to the level that they achieved. 

I believe, that not only did these women trust God, but that he truly trusted them. He anchored himself within them, as a light, brighter than I can see in the hearts,of those still with us. These women’s words, speeches, quotes and lifestyles embodied true oneness with the Lord, in ways that many women can never discover.

Ladies…Aren’t we all searching for this???? But so many of us try to fill this void with sprawling our lives all over social media…aimlessly getting ourselves into debt with things to please others..things we do not need…to prove we have value and self worth and what we call “achievement”…..but these women of virtue just merely spoke ….as God created the earth…and people were drawn to them…to the light of God in them… and their virtue was never measured by mere tangible things… but exuded the true nature of what is real…..the intangible….and the total collectiveness of all things virtuous…wrapped with Love!

wandasncredible appreciates you!

P.S. Here are links to their *profile pages on Amazon with all of their books. Quotes and other valuable insight of theirs is just a google click away! Have a blessed and safe Tuesday!

*(In the order of their pictures above)




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