Sunday Prayer



My deepest,heartfelt,prayers go out to the families of those whose family members are in hospitals or enduring any type of illness…..I pray them healed and you also in the process in Jesus Name…..

My condolences to all whose loved ones have passed on (family and friends alike)….I pray them to be your angels now and for your healing to never cease.

And last but not least I pray for all of those who are displaced from their families due to storms and tragedies, the homeless who endure the elements of nature throughout all the seasons, those who are imprisoned guilty or not…let God be their secret judge and not man,those who suffer from addiction and must take it one day at a time, those who are living from paycheck to paycheck struggling to make ends meet, those suffering from any type of trauma,brokenhearted and suicidal thoughts, those who are suffering from mental illness or any disability seen or unseen,those who are abused in any way,those stolen and put into sex trafficking that are rarely acknowledged and for all of our Veterans near and far who endure so much, who need better care, who need services they are not getting and who struggle through each and every holiday.

People are hurting…badly…and as I gather things to put on my tree and under ….I pray we never forget that there are those who are less fortunate in many ways…some ways you can see…and some ways you cannot. Most must keep smiles on their faces to keep themselves from crying, some must endure lack of resources, food, shelter,clothing and face life as if everyday is there last, which in all fairness, is guaranteed to no one whether you have money or not. I pray the we all seek the ultimate quest to love God, ourselves and man just a little more each day and expel out all forms of evil, on the ground and in high places.

Isaiah 53:5 says ” For he was wounded for our transgressions…bruised by our iniquity…the chastisement of our peace was upon him…and by his stripes we are HEALED”

I pray this into the life of you all today….I put myself aside….I humble myself and ask that these prayers are answered for you all….in Jesus name…Selah…Amen…Amen and AMEN!!!!

wandasncredible appreciates you!