Random Various Topic Post-PLEASE READ


Hi!!!!!! I love re-posting, but I also love writing and saying that you all are loved, and just giving some input directly.

First, I am noticing a lot of great blog topics from my WordPress friends, so I will definitely be updating my “The Great bloggers list“.

Second, I am seriously seeking a Literary Agent,Editor, and Illustrator. So if you are that person, or know of anyone who is, please send them my way.

Third, I have updated a lot of stuff, on the pages listed on this website, so please check them out, and if you want to give feedback please do….I want to be the best I truly can be, and I don’t mind constructive criticism, in fact, I welcome it.

Also, I would like serious buyers of my books to please stand up! I want honest reviews and feedback, in fact I need it! I truly do not want to put out more work, without knowing what others think, of the work I have already published. Whether you purchase, the paperback format or e-book format, your opinion matters!….Please, give yourselves an inexpensive gift and give me a priceless gift and review my work today.

Lastly, Keep doing what you do…sometimes, I get so low trying to make all of my dreams come true, but I look on here, and it makes my gray skies blue!Truly!…. so if you don’t think what you write matters, I want you to know it does. Your words inspire, no matter the topic, and I am so blessed, to have you all,as my family and friends….your more than WordPress writers or customers….your destiny intertwines with mine, and I am deeply appreciative that it does.

wandasncredible appreciates you!

P.S. I do not just mean these words for WordPress viewers or writers, but for everyone who reads this post …also, if you are members of any social media sites, and you want to connect, send me requests and I will friend ya!


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