Happiness for Everyone


No matter what I feel like ….I really and truly bask in the glory of the happiness I see in others. Its a sad day when you can only be happy when things are going right for you. Even in the difficult times or like the great ministers say ” In the midnight hour” you should still give well wishes to all..whatever their business is or what you think you may know of them is irrelevant…a kind word doesn’t hurt anyone…being genuinely happy for others is a blessing…they are not taking any away from you…what God has for you… is for you and you alone…

So even though I didn’t wake up in the best of moods….I push that aside for the greater good…I give love…kind words…and rebuke negativity…selfishness… nosiness and ill informed people…

By doing so I feel so much better…It takes my mind off of myself and elevates it to continued happiness with others.

Give yourself permission to be happy today…and give happiness to everyone..you will be glad you did!