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Words they are just words, Periods? A bloody mess. Apostrophes so possessive, Whilst commas give us breath. Ellipses have geometry, Colons are full of shit. Sentences are such punishment And semicolons continue it. Poetry dances stories and Prose, it sets them straight. Whatever your mind brings on, Gives birth to something great. Something you’ve created […]

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So… the wonderful world of “Sling”…I get to enjoy family time and these Cartoon Network favorites:

  • Clarence 
  • Gum ball
  • Teen Titans
  • Regular show
  • Steven Universe

Please forgive me oh cartoon gods if I forgot a show……at any rate….we make sure that all is done for the day so we can revel in the love of said lineup to which they call” Yoursday” 

I am writing about this to secretly but publicly confess….although adults pretend that they are watching something “for the kids”…it’s just simply not true!!!! 

I Wanda Jefferson love kids shows! And I would be distraught if I missed this weekly event…in fact even when the kids were younger and I was”forced” to watch endless episodes of “Bob the builder” and a notorious list lastly rounding up the day with “Barney”…even if the children were bathed and in bed…id sit there proclaiming it was out of habit,when honestly I had no intention of turning ….yes I enjoyed every minute and had lost all sense of what “grown ups” watched so I was careful doing an analysis on the quality of said programs….lol…wink wink