Hello Sunday…Time to vent!

Creation: Many things are on my mind this morning and here they are:

  • I am very thankful for Gods Grace, Mercy and favor
  • I am so glad my Spring semester is over tomorrow
  •  I can’t believe I signed myself up for summer and fall too
  • Please pray I don’t change my major again
  • Instead of the children’s books coming out Mother’s Day weekend I’m changing it to next week
  • Mother’s Day sucks for all of us whose mothers have passed even if your a mother
  • My kids have no grandparents or great grandparents alive
  • I’m homeschooling my son for kindergarten 
  • I need to make exercise as important as breathing
  • I’m becoming super antisocial even though I seem very social on social media( Try saying that ten times fast)
  • As I get older cups of coffee cleaning products and appliances make my heart flutter with smiles
  • My love still makes me laugh scream and feel sexy
  • I value my alone time but I value my family time too

Have a wonderful,Blessed,and glorious day or whatevs


Fake it till you make it

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Dance, Dance…!

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No. 7 Beautifully Defined Contour Kit

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